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MandiBot is a two-wheeled robot with mandibles (pincers) that can be used to pick up and collect "food" cubes.

MandiBot is <100mm size and <500gm weight, suitable for competition class rules. It is designed for education, research, competition and hobby use.

This is a professional grade small research robot. The only moving parts are the two wheel servos and the two mandible servos, and all can be replaced quickly without requiring disassembly of the robot. It has a rear mounted battery pack that can be replaced in a few seconds without requiring disassembly of the robot.

MandiBot is a chassis or "platform" made from a solid engineering-grade self-lubricating high flexural strength plastic (this is not toy plastic). The chassis is guaranteed against structural failure for 5 years. MandiBot is designed to accept standard sensor units like infrared distance sensors and ultrasonic ranging devices.


  • Fits within 100mm cube, weight with batteries under 500g
  • Pro quality durability/maintenance designed for 24/7 research tasks
  • Additional payload up to 500g
  • Accepts many standard sensors, is easily modified for others
  • Mandibles and food cubes are included
  • Optional servo pack available
  • Silicone tyres are quickly field-replaceable with other grades
  • Non-brittle engineering plastic is easily drilled and machined
  • Engineering plastic is self-tapping, even with fine machine threads
  • Easily modified to suit your research payload and controller
  • Thick 10mm chassis plates
  • Solid unbreakable wheels
  • 5 year guarantee!

    MandiBot available soon!

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