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RC Servos

Hitec servo HSR-1425CR       Hitec servo HSR-1425CR specs

HITEC HSR-1425CR (standard Hitec 24 spline)
These are the standard sized HITEC brand servos, but are factory modified for continuous rotation. The servo contains inbuilt motor driver circuitry and can be used to drive a robot wheel at any speed in either direction needing only a logic level 1mS-2mS pulse to control it. The "stopped" pulse width is always close to 1500uS but will vary slightly from servo to servo and must be calibrated in software. This servo has dual ball bearings for long life as a wheel motor and nylon shaft and gears for low noise and long wear life. Energy efficiency is quite good, only a small amount of current is needed to move a robot under 500g. Servo is supplied complete with round servo horn and one horn screw (as pictured).
This servo can plug directly into our TalkBot Brain robot controller and is suitable to drive the wheels in our MandiBot robot.

HITEC HSR-1425CR servo - $18.95 USD each (email us for quantity pricing)

Custom miniature servo all-metal gears and metal shaft       Miniature metal gear servo specs

High-torque miniature servo (Futaba style 25 spline)
We ordered a custom batch of these miniature servos with all metal gears, a metal rotation stop and a full sized all metal shaft. These also have the new tough ABS plastic case not the old style brittle acrylic case, and case can be unscrewed (not glued like most miniatures). This servo is very good for moving small loads like robot grippers, or camera pan/tilt mounts etc. Rotation range is 90' when driven by a 1mS-2mS pulse but we have tested them to operate reliably through about 120' if you use larger pulse widths. Current requirements are based on load but are very small, typically 20-50mA to move light loads. Servo is supplied complete with 2 black servo horns and mounting screws (not shown).
This servo can plug directly into our TalkBot Brain robot controller and is suitable to operate the mandible pincers in our MandiBot robot.

High-torque miniature servo - $15.95 USD each (email us for quantity pricing)

Servo size comparison
Servo size comparison

Servo Hub Adaptors

Tamiya-Servo Hub Adaptor

Servo Hub Adaptors for Tamiya Wheels.
Kit consists of 2 Hub Adaptors and 6 stainless steel 3mm screws, enough to mount 2 Tamiya Racing wheels to 2 HITEC continous rotation servos. These hub adaptors are solid 9mm thick plastic and have a high-strength spline built in, and the 3 mounting holes are drilled ready to attach both styles of Tamiya Racing wheel. They are designed to position the wheel close to the servo to reduce radial loading, and are solid to last many years. Finally you can put tough looking super-grippy fat wheels on your servos. We are the only manufacturer of these hub adaptors.

PAIR of Hub adaptors complete with screws - $12.95 USD (email us for quantity pricing)

Other parts

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