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About us

We are a small manufacturer of quality robot platforms and robot electronics. Our robots are rugged, simple and easy to maintain, suitable for 24-hour research tasks or surviving rough student handling in the classroom year after year.

We support open-ended design and open-source software with products that can be adapted to suit your needs and are made to last.

We are internationally based and we sell to all countries via airmail or express delivery.

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    Black Robotics
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    Bundaberg, QLD

Our policies

Privacy Policy
We do not distribute your contact details to any third party, for any reason, ever.

Guarantee Policy
Our robot chassis are guaranteed for 5 years for full replacement. This covers any structural damage from normal use; breaking, cracking, warping. This does not cover cosmetic issues like discoloration and scratching or damage/erosion from abuse or operation outside its spec. Any guarantees specific to electronics, parts or accessories are listed with those products.

Copyright Policy
All trademarks; Black Robotics, MandiBot, TalkBot, TalkBot Brain are protected by international law and remain the exclusive property of Black Robotics. All content of this web page including words and images is protected by copyright. All robot and product designs, forms, structures, "look and feel" etc are protected by international copyright law and may not be used or copied without our permission. All software is protected unless explicitly marked "open source".

Looking for the Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator?

Looking for the Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator?

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